Ruby Maree Study Centres

Project Opportunity currently run multiple study centres targeting 6 rural villages in the area of Neral.

With high adult illiteracy rates and high dropout rates we aim to create a safe and supportive space for children to learn and seek guidance. We employ a local member from each village to work in our centres and partner them with trained local staff to provide support and guidance.

Our centres are open 6 days a week after school and provide a safe supervised space, study support and tuition, all study materials and an afternoon snack for over 100 children. We employ local staff to foster independence and promote sustainability. We believe by employing local staff they will be empowered to make change in their community.

We hire 12 teachers for our 6 study centres and provide stationary and study items for approximately 100 children that visit our centres, Although at times it can be a challenge are so proud of our students and have loved seeing them grow and develop since our centres have opened.