Lily Grace Educational Scholarships

The Lily Grace Scholarships provide girls who are living in rural or slum communities with a fully funded opportunity to have a quality education.

We target girls who are at risk of not receiving an education or being removed from the education system due to financial stresses or pressure to join the workforce. Girls are either supported in their current local education institution or assisted with being placed into an English medium school to start or continue their studies. Girls who receive a scholarship are provided with school fees for one calendar year, travel subsidy, school uniform and shoes, all educational supplies that may be required.

Each child receiving a scholarship will be regularly supported by the Project Opportunity staff and have full access to our Ruby Maree study centres to ensure they have all the tools needed to succeed in their education. All girls on the scholarship program will be offered group tutoring encouraging not only academic diligence but also a sisterhood and friendship that will support them throughout the program.


Girls receiving local language education: $100 per school year.
Girls receiving English medium education: $300 per school year.
All girls receiving a scholarship supporting college education: $300 per school year.