How it works

Throughout the year we run small community fundraisers and collect donations for our programs. Prior to the school year our director Tealyn Lonergan travels to the project sites to work with our local staff and distribute our funds into areas of need.

The amount of annual scholarships is dependent on the amount raised each year. Working closely with our local staff and the Ruby Maree study centres, girls at highest need are targeted to receive a Lily Grace scholarship. Once a girl enters our program we aim to support her throughout the duration of her studies and into higher college studies if that is her aim.

As Project Opportunity is a small NGO and our funds are given directly to the programs each year we are unable to offer a personalised child sponsorship program like the bigger charities such as world vision. If you are interested in supporting our Lily Grace girls you can be added to our sponsor’s mailing list. Each person contributing towards our scholarships will receive an annual email informing them of the programs progress throughout the year and information regarding our Lily Grace girls and their academic progress.

To contribute directly to our programs you can make a donation through PayPal