About Project Opportunity

Our vision is that all children may have the opportunity to reach their full potential through access to formal education and a supported, Loving and stable environment.

About the project

Project opportunity is a registered not-for-profit charity under the Australian Charity and Not-For-Profit Commission. Established in December 2012 by Tealyn Lonergan, Project Opportunity was created as a way of realising the vision of creating opportunity for street children in Mumbai. We believe that with access to formal education and a loving and supportive network, children will have the opportunity to reach their potential and lead safe, happy and healthy lives. We believe in sustainability and working closely with the local community. Project Opportunity work directly with a local Non Government Organisation to provide all of our programs. We hire local educated staff for all of our programs and where possible, encourage partnership with the local tribal community focussing on empowerment, self-determination and sustainability.

Our Mission

To provide children with access to formal education To provide a safe, loving and supportive space for children to learn and seek guidance To foster and encourage independent, resilience and self-efficacy in children and young people